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Dear Members and Friends,

Our church will be involved in a zoom meeting on March 4th concerning the Kenyan partnership.  Presbytery continues to support and encourage other churches to join in this relationship as our church stands as one of the more successful in this venture.  The zoom meeting will include a short presentation of what we have done.  The focus of the Kenyan partnership has evolved over many years. Providing scholarships for primary and secondary students is still of major importance, and our Presbyterian Women’s group has donated to this cause.

The Newton Presbytery itself is going through a very dramatic change that it has been working toward for several years.  The number of presbyteries in NJ will be fewer as churches are now being grouped differently.  We will not be the “Newton Presbytery” in the future.  The new name has not yet been decided.  Our leaders have been very involved in this process and believe it will be of great benefit to all. 


If you would like to watch the Sunday service live at 9:30 am please use the following link.


Dear Members and Friends,

We are glad to report that Pastor Peter has now been cleared to drive.  We’re happy his leg has improved, and he will be able to better fulfill his office hours.

A nice group of volunteers stayed after worship last Sunday to “undecorate” the sanctuary, even including the fourth king that was mistakenly added to the manger scene (oops.) Thanks to all that helped!

Bonnie Reed has again asked for volunteers to present special music on any Sunday.  She has been doing a great job providing most of that herself, but would love some help! Please let her know if there is anything you would like to do.

Besides making their usual December donations to a variety of groups, Presbyterian  Women used the “Presbyterian Giving Catalogue” which is part of a Presbyterian Mission Agency to do something different.  They donated money to purchase a family of chickens and a piglet to needy families somewhere in the world.

Reminders: Annual Reports are due!

                     Annual  Congregational Meeting will be February 7th, in the sanctuary following worship      

If you would like to watch the Sunday Service live at 9:30 on Facebook please use the following link.


Dear Members and Friends,

Attendance was low last Sunday for our communion service.  Pastor Peter shortened his sermon and the service was slightly modified because of the impending weather.  However, we were still surprised by a winter wonderland as we left!

Our three new renters have moved into the little house.  These young men will be helping with snow shoveling, grass mowing and a few other odd jobs around our property as they enjoy a safe and convenient place to live.  Definitely a win/win for all.

Carol Barry is offering free fleece scarves to all.  She found a good use for the left over fleece from the blankets Presbyterian Women provide.  Please take all you wish.  A few more masks are also still available.

Reminder: We will be undecorating the sanctuary this Sunday, January 10th, right after service.  As always, many hands make light work.

Reminder: Annual reports are due ASAP.

Reminder: Our Annual Congregational Meeting will be Sunday, February 7, 2021 in the sanctuary right after service.  Apologies for the incorrect date in last week’s message.

If you would like to watch the Sunday service live on Facebook please use the following link.


Dear Members and Friends,

Well – we have made it through 2020! The challenges on a worldwide scope, as well as locally, were mighty.  It’s through times like these we surely wonder about God’s plan.  While we cannot answer that, we can continue to strive to discern His plan for our lives.  As Pastor Peter reminded us last Sunday, what we want to be and what God wants us to be may not always be the same.  No matter our age or stage of life, we can be assured God still has plans for each of us.

Christmas Eve worship service attendance was light.  Surely Covid concerns, personal plans, and obviously the weather all combined to make it so.  But we are always reminded: Matthew 18:20- For where two or three gather in my name, there I am also.

We will be having communion this Sunday, Jan. 3rd.  Reminder: You are welcome to bring your own bread. We will again be using the communion kits.

Reminder:  We need volunteers to “undecorate” the sanctuary right after worship on Sunday, January 10th.

Reminder:  Annual Reports are due ASAP.  We will be having our Annual  Congregational Meeting on Sunday, February 3rd, right after the worship service in the sanctuary.

Pastor Karen Brostrom, who has been serving at the Andover Presbyterian Church, has just retired.  We wish her well and are grateful for her guidance and support as our moderator in 2020.  Now the Andover Church is without a pastor, as we were for many months.  Many of us have friends there since they have joined us for our Good Friday and Christmas Cantatas for the past several years.  We wish them well and pray for their success as they now face the challenges with which we are very familiar.

If you would like to watch the 9:30 am service live on Facebook please use the following link.



-> Please check Church Phone & Website every week for updates 


-> GIVING is greatly needed at this time to pay for on-going expenses. PLEASE CONTINUE in your generous spirit.  To give - Go to the Tab "On-Line Giving" on our Website http://www.fpcstanhope.org/     Or MAIL IN Pledges.

-> Jim Gardner, of the Food Pantry, needs to hear from those who need food and help.  We are here for you or someone you know who needs help.  Contact Church Office.

If you have a pastoral emergency, leave a message at the church office (973.347.5142) and call Sue Pedersen, the moderator of the deacons (201.321.9209).

Other announcements -- of on-going ministry and mission:

Our website fpcstanhope.org has current church information on the life of the church. On-line giving is available – click the tab on the left and follow the directions to a secure website managed by the Presbyterian Foundation.

If you have a prayer request for the prayer chain, then contact Barbara Frank – 973.398.3154 / bschimpf13@hotmail.com

The flowers on Sunday morning are now $15.00 / one arrangement or $25.00 / two arrangements. Please sign up on the flower calendar and fill out a form on the vestibule table. Questions? Call the church office, 973.347.5142

We go to Manna House on the third and fourth Mondays to help serve the homeless and hungry in the Newton area. If you can help, contact our coordinator, Barbara Noffke, at 908.876.3268 and her email is b.noffke@comcast.net.

PW is knitting blankets for those in need. Contact Carol Barry for guidelines about participating. Knitting or crocheting is required. Carol’s contact info is 973.347.4551 or lakefront70@aol.com

If you buy gift cards from Great Lakes Scrip Program, the church earns money from each card you purchase. The amount you buy is the amount you get to spend. You may buy cards for prominent retailers by writing a check to the church and giving it to Cris Bream or by signing up at www.shopwithscrip.com Our church’s code is FC1C2471398L8