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Dear Members and Friends,

In 2007, Linda McCabe and Carol Barry traveled to Kenya on the Newton Presbytery’s mission trip. While there they visited the Kassasule Medical Centre.  At that time it did not have running water, beds in the small rooms, or many medical supplies or equipment.  But it was still extremely important to the over 20,000 very poor people that walked for an hour or more through the forest to get to the clinic for the services they were able to offer.  Last week, Carol was on a zoom meeting to learn about all the progress that has been made at the site.  For the last several years Newton Presbytery (now the Highlands Presbytery) has sent 12-15 doctors and nurses to offer their services for a 2 ½ day Medical Camp.  This past July at least 600 people were treated in that short time.  There is normally no doctor at the centre, with only 1 physician per 32,000 people in the area.  Originally our Presbytery’s primary focus was to provide potable water to a different area in Kenya.  Through valiant attempts without success, that focus was finally abandoned.  The main concern now is supporting the Kassasule Medical Centre.  The strategy going forward is to shift from helping with operational support to helping support capital projects.  The PCEA Presbytery covers 65% of the costs, our presbytery 25%, and 10% from other sources.

The focus of the one-to-one church partnerships, of which we are a part with Zimmerman, is to share culture and Christian faith.  The success of that program is why the presbytery partnership has been able to continue for so long.

Session has approved a square dance group to use our upper CE room once a week.  Our own Betty Harris and Karen Harman are part of this group!  They are always looking for new members to join in the fun and exercise!

If you would like to watch the 9:30 am service live on Facebook please use the following link.


Dear Members and Friends,

We were very happy to have had 9 guests from the Andover Presbyterian Church last Sunday, joining us to celebrate World Communion Day. After the service, 3 representatives from Andover and 4 from Stanhope met to discuss the possibility of sharing a pastor going forward.  This plan would allow the search to offer one full time position.  This idea was met with great enthusiasm from all!

Owen Newson is currently serving as the interim liaison for our Cub Scout pack.  If anyone is interested in this position to ensure the boys have a safe and convenient place to meet, please contact Owen.

The articles listed for donation to the “Bread of Life Mission” are being collected and can be placed either in the vestibule or in the McNeill Room. Our Mission Committee will bring them to the collection center at the Newton Presbyterian Church. 

Reminder : Please consider volunteering on a Saturday morning to deliver items from our pantry to families unable to come to church themselves for pick-up.  It will not be further than a 5-mile radius from church.  The sign-up sheet will be available at church, or you can call the church office to sign-up.

The extra kitchen items have been packed and will be picked up by a veteran’s group this week.

If you would like to watch the 9:30 am service live on Facebook please use the following link.


Dear Members and Friends,

As we celebrate World Communion Sunday this week, we are pleased that members our neighbors at Andover Presbyterian Church have accepted our invitation and will be worshiping us. We will also be receiving the special Peacemaking offering this Sunday – envelopes will be available in the bulletins.

Our new Mission Study Team, which was announced last Sunday, will be meeting very soon to begin the first step in the pastor search process. This is a very important step as we discern the needs and desires of our congregation. Once we have determined our position, then we can begin the search.

Our Mission Committee has been working with Jim Gardner to develop a new plan for serving the community from our food pantry.  They will soon be providing a schedule asking for volunteers to deliver food to homes within a 5-mile radius of our church. If you are able, the deliveries will be made on Saturday mornings from about 10:00-12:00am.  Please consider being available for one Saturday a month to enrich our outreach program!

If you would like to watch the 9:30 am service live on Facebook please use the following link.


-> Please check Church Phone & Website every week for updates 


-> GIVING is greatly needed at this time to pay for on-going expenses. PLEASE CONTINUE in your generous spirit.  To give - Go to the Tab "On-Line Giving" on our Website http://www.fpcstanhope.org/     Or MAIL IN Pledges.

-> Jim Gardner, of the Food Pantry, needs to hear from those who need food and help.  We are here for you or someone you know who needs help.  Contact Church Office.

If you have a pastoral emergency, leave a message at the church office (973.347.5142)

Other announcements -- of on-going ministry and mission:

Our website fpcstanhope.org has current church information on the life of the church. On-line giving is available – click the tab on the left and follow the directions to a secure website managed by the Presbyterian Foundation.

If you have a prayer request for the prayer chain, then contact Barbara Frank – 973.398.3154 / bschimpf13@hotmail.com

The flowers on Sunday morning are now $15.00 / one arrangement or $25.00 / two arrangements. Please sign up on the flower calendar and fill out a form on the vestibule table. Questions? Call the church office, 973.347.5142

We go to Manna House on the fourth Mondays to help serve the homeless and hungry in the Newton area. If you can help, contact Carol Barry or Lisa Davenport.

PW is knitting blankets for those in need. Contact Carol Barry for guidelines about participating. Knitting or crocheting is required. Carol’s contact info is 973.347.4551 or lakefront70@aol.com

If you buy gift cards from Great Lakes Scrip Program, the church earns money from each card you purchase. The amount you buy is the amount you get to spend. You may buy cards for prominent retailers by writing a check to the church and giving it to Cris Bream or by signing up at www.shopwithscrip.com Our church’s code is FC1C2471398L8