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Dear Members and Friends,

We wish all mothers a fun and maybe relaxing day this Sunday as we celebrate Mother’s Day!

There are still several committees looking for members:

Fellowship – this group involves planning, scheduling and organizing activities to help build relationships and friendships in the congregation and to enable people to gather in groups that have things in common. I believe this past year has impressed to us how important our church relationships and friendships are!  This seems like a good time to build upon that support system while doing some new fun things!

Fundraising – Because of the gracious continued support of all our members and friends, we have been able to keep our financial heads above water this year as many organizations have floundered.  But we always have specific projects that need extra help.  Right now, we’re trying to raise funds to purchase two new, much needed, electric stoves for our kitchen as we work to upgrade that area.

Owen Newson is eager to meet with a few people to make some decisions about our Memorial Garden.  Anyone interested, please let him know.

We will soon need volunteers to clean all the items before putting them back in the kitchen.  We will keep you posted about when we can begin to do that.

Reminders:   Spring Clean-Up Day – Saturday, May 22, 9:00 am

                  Blood Drive – Saturday, July 17

If you would like to watch the 9:30 am service live on Facebook please use the following link:  www.facebook.com/107154024348613

Once again, the church be fielding a softball team in the Fellowship League of the NJ Christian Softball League.  After having to cancel the last season, the league has enhanced its rules to abide by COVID-19 protocols.  The 8-week season starts the week of May 10th, and home games will be held on Tuesday nights at Netcong’s Arbolino Field   Our roster is mostly the same as it was 2 years ago, but if anyone else would like to play, we’d love to have you join the fun!  All that’s required is a willingness to have fun and enjoy some non-competitive softball.  If you’d like to play, or have any questions, please contact Brian Davenport (973-398-6194) or Beth Cahill (862-268-0790)

Dear Members and Friends,

As our church, as well as the country, begins to make great progress in recovery from the pandemic, we have many areas for each of us to become involved again. Pastor Peter will now be having regular office hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 12noon. Please call the office if you would like to come in to see him.  Peter is also looking forward to, at some point, greeting everyone as we leave Sunday worship.  We all need to keep in mind that we still need to follow Covid protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Lisa Davenport has agreed to chair our Mission Committee.  Karen Hartman, Beth Cahill and Brian Davenport will be members and have been making local contacts to establish some mission projects.   When some plans are made they will need more volunteers to help make our church an important welcoming partner of the community.

Evangelism is another of our committees still looking for volunteers.  This committee will work well with Mission as it ensures that the community is aware of us as a welcoming and inviting place.

Owen Newson is looking for some people interested in formalizing the purpose and direction of our Memorial Garden.  There are many creative and important directions the garden can go.  More specific information will be coming.

At this moment, we are very hopeful the kitchen floor will finally be satisfactorily completed this week.  As mentioned last Sunday, we are anxious to replace our old gas stoves with new electric ones.  Donations for that purpose are encouraged and appreciated!

Church SPRING CLEAN-UP DAY will be Saturday, May 22.  All hands welcomed!!

If you would like to watch the 9:30 am service live on Facebook please use the following link.


-> Please check Church Phone & Website every week for updates 


-> GIVING is greatly needed at this time to pay for on-going expenses. PLEASE CONTINUE in your generous spirit.  To give - Go to the Tab "On-Line Giving" on our Website http://www.fpcstanhope.org/     Or MAIL IN Pledges.

-> Jim Gardner, of the Food Pantry, needs to hear from those who need food and help.  We are here for you or someone you know who needs help.  Contact Church Office.

If you have a pastoral emergency, leave a message at the church office (973.347.5142) and call Sue Pedersen, the moderator of the deacons (201.321.9209).

Other announcements -- of on-going ministry and mission:

Our website fpcstanhope.org has current church information on the life of the church. On-line giving is available – click the tab on the left and follow the directions to a secure website managed by the Presbyterian Foundation.

If you have a prayer request for the prayer chain, then contact Barbara Frank – 973.398.3154 / bschimpf13@hotmail.com

The flowers on Sunday morning are now $15.00 / one arrangement or $25.00 / two arrangements. Please sign up on the flower calendar and fill out a form on the vestibule table. Questions? Call the church office, 973.347.5142

We go to Manna House on the third and fourth Mondays to help serve the homeless and hungry in the Newton area. If you can help, contact our coordinator, Barbara Noffke, at 908.876.3268 and her email is b.noffke@comcast.net.

PW is knitting blankets for those in need. Contact Carol Barry for guidelines about participating. Knitting or crocheting is required. Carol’s contact info is 973.347.4551 or lakefront70@aol.com

If you buy gift cards from Great Lakes Scrip Program, the church earns money from each card you purchase. The amount you buy is the amount you get to spend. You may buy cards for prominent retailers by writing a check to the church and giving it to Cris Bream or by signing up at www.shopwithscrip.com Our church’s code is FC1C2471398L8