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I decided to put a few words and thoughts together as a Lenten reflection upon Holy week and as a reflection to encourage and strengthen the faithful upon the wicked onset of coronavirus.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) has changed our entire world. The worst of the virus seems to have descended upon us during the holy season of Lent, and in particular Holy week.  Many are suffering. Many have died. We aren't sure where we go from here. During the Lenten season,  we reflect upon the suffering and the death of Jesus. This is another way that in which our suffering Savior can relate to our own pains,difficulties, and ultimately...death. And so it is,  that we look to Him for help. For comfort and healing to those who are afflicted. For consolation to those who have suffered loss, and for answers in a time of great uncertainty.  " Remember, O Lord, what has befallen us" (Lamentations 5:1). 

Certainly not a soul among us could have imagined that during the holy season of Lent that we would be found not only without a pastor to guide us through this unknown wilderness but worse, not be able to congregate in God's name at all! Pastor Hugh often reminded us that the story of Jesus does not end on Good Friday; Praise God! And so we lift our eyes toward heaven together,  wherever we may be. The One whom God sent to conquer sin and death knows well of our affliction. He cares, and He loves us with an everlasting love! Yes, Jesus is our hope and salvation. He has already conquered worse than COVID-19!

So let us not become weary or discouraged. May we shine our light through a time of darkness and trust that the day of rejoicing and victory is looming. May God protect us and bless us as we earnestly await  upon Him. Be safe, be well,  and never stop looking above.   

Peace to you, Deacon Jack.